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The Indian cuisine is very rich in spices. All our vegan / vegeterian dishes are enhanced using traditional spices.We offer you a variety of dishes to choose from. Since every dish is made fresh you can decide on which spices you would and would not like to have. We like to make our customers feel very comfortable and would not wan’t to feed them something they don’t wish too.

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kasvis lista Vegan / Kasvis Dishes  vegeterian dishes

15. DAL OF THE DAY Vegan (G,M) 13,90

Pavut/ linssit kastikkeessa + riisi / Beans/ Lentils in sauce + rice

16. CHANNA MASALA Vegan (G,M)13,90

Kik-herneitä kastikkeessa + riisi / Chickpeas in sauce + rice

17. SHAHI PANEER (G)15,90

Tuorejuustoa kerma-kastikkeessa + riisi/ Home-made Cheese in special creamy sauce + rice 

18. KADHAI PANEER (G)17,90

Tuorejuustoa sipulia ja paprikaa , kerma-kastikkeessa + riisi / Home-made Cheese & onions and capsicum in special shahi creamy sauce + rice

19. PANEER TIKKA (G)15,90

Tuorejuustoa tikka-kastikkeessa / Home-made Cheese in special creamy tikka sauce + rice


Tuorejuustoa sipulia ja paprikaa , tikka-kastikkeessa + riisi / Home-made Cheese & onions and capsicum in special creamy tikka sauce + rice


Vihanneksia, rusinoita, pähkinöitä kerma kastikkeessa ja kotijuustoa + riisi / Vegs, raisins, nuts, cheese in cream sauce + rice


Vihanneksia, rusinoita, pähkinöitä kookoskastikkeessa + riisi / Vegs, raisins, nuts in coconut sauce + rice

23. ALU MATAR VEGAN(G,M) 13,90

Perunoita ja herneitä currykastikkeessa/ potatoes and peas in curry sauce

24. MATAR PANEER (G) 15,90

Herneitä ja kotijuustoa currykastikkeessa/ Peas and home made cheese in curry sauce


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