About US

Coriander Indian Restaurant located in Lokomonkatu 11,33900 Tampere provides a fresh and exciting flavour of Indian food and takeaway since 2003. Coriander is well known for its Food Quality, Taste and Quantity. Our Indian recipes are prepared in delicious gravy’s which are healthy and yet has its own fascination... that’s why we say
“eat punjabi ... live healthy”

Our Office

Coriander Restaurant & Bar

Lokomonkatu 11,
33900 Tampere,

Tel : 0451480620
Tel : 0505122501
Email : hi@coriander-restaurant.com

Working Hours

Monday to Friday :  10.30am – 21.00pm
Saturday :   13.00pm – 21.00pm
Sunday :  Closed
Lunch :  10.30am – 14.00pm

Who we are & what we do?

We welcome you at Coriander Indian Restaurant. We are proud to offer you the culinary adventure of Indian cuisine, world famous Indian food, art, culture and the classical music. Indian cuisine is a combination of subtle taste. Flavours are varied as the climate of India and as exotic as the people as India. Fragrant spices, pungent and warm spices from all the corners of the country are delicately blended in meticulous proportions to create the dishes.

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